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Will Jeff Bezos Get Half of MacKenzie Bezos’s Fortune in the Divorce?

How a lot do you suppose Jeff Bezos will get in the divorce?

I haven’t heard anybody ask that. I’ve solely learn headlines like How Much Could MacKenzie Bezos Get? and How Much Will Jeff Bezos Lose?

In the Bezos marriage, the companions are equals. Jeff and MacKenzie began the firm collectively. And they labored aspect by aspect. When the firm was huge they usually had 4 youngsters, MacKenzie took half the load (youngsters) and Jeff took half the load (work).

Why do individuals assume Jeff might be doling out cash to MacKenzie? The cash is as a lot hers as it’s his. Some headlines are merely despicable. NBC ran the headline The settlement between the world’s richest man and his spouse. But if he’s the world’s richest man, then she is the world’s richest lady. Already. Before the settlement. Because all his cash is her cash.

Consider what it will be like if NBC ran this headline: The settlement between the world’s richest lady and her husband. It sounds odd, proper? Because the energy in the sentence is so firmly on MacKenzie’s aspect. But then we should always acknowledge the first headline as odd, too. The headline NBC ran is dangerous journalism as a result of it distorts actuality.

The language of divorce is about energy, and we take energy away from all stay-at-home spouses after we discuss MacKenzie like she has no cash of her personal.

Wired journal revealed an awesome piece about how the famed corporations of Silicon Valley are by no means based by one, single particular person. It takes a staff of individuals to do one thing so grand as Amazon, and MacKenzie was a key half of that staff. Years in the past, MacKenzie put any doubts about her contribution to relaxation in an extended, meticulous overview of a biography of Jeff. She gave the e book one star.

MacKenzie has at all times stood up for her contribution in the marriage. But it’s not really easy for most girls. Most ladies didn’t work aspect by aspect with their partner to begin the most disruptive firm in the world.

Most ladies do their half of the staff’s work and get little or no credit score for it. Because relating to spousal partnerships, society talks about the stay-at-home partner like they’re a freeloader, ready to choose up their examine in the divorce.

USA Today describes MacKenzie and Jeff beginning Amazon collectively. But then USA Today frames the marriage this fashion:

Since then, Bezos turned the world’s richest man, supplanting Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on Forbes’ annual listing of the 400 richest Americans three months in the past, along with his internet value rising to $160 billion, up from $81.5 billion a yr in the past.

MacKenzie Bezos turned a novelist, profitable an American Book Award for her 2005 debut novel “The Testing of Luther Albright.” Subsequently, she launched the e book “Traps” in 2013.

This isn’t an correct illustration of both Jeff or MacKenzie. One of the most harmful elements of the USA Today abstract is that they omitted that “since then” Jeff and MacKenzie additionally turned dad and mom. This is essential as a result of it’s the work that MacKenzie did that makes her an equal accomplice in the marriage and equally as rich as Jeff.

So, USA Today ought to make a correction to provide a extra correct description:

Since then, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos turned dad and mom. At the identical time, Jeff was the CEO of Amazon, and MacKenzie turned a novelist. They additionally turned the richest couple, supplanting Bill and Melinda Gates. 

It’s uncommon for such a high-profile CEO to be married to somebody who’s their equal. Which is why the language we use to speak about this divorce is so necessary. Society doesn’t rejoice the contribution stay-at-home companions make to company jobs. But enormous jobs like CEO of Amazon are literally two-person jobs.

When we robotically assume the stay-at-home partner is the one with much less cash, we disparage the contribution of the stay-at-home partner. Today an increasing number of ladies select to remain at house with youngsters, however solely after they spend time in the company world, the place individuals get cash and accolades and promotions. The transition to parenting is tough, as a result of there are not any awards or promotions. The transition is much more tough when journalists don’t give ladies credit score for his or her contributions.

How you discuss the Bezos divorce says lots about you. We don’t come throughout divorces like this fairly often; MacKenzie is a powerhouse. Let’s discuss her that means, as a result of speaking about ladies with energy whereas being respectful of that energy teaches us to respect the energy inside ourselves.


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