Self-made rich

Change your lifestyle Upgrade your life


Changes in your way of life you need to do to become successful and rich

  • Have more than one income. most successful self-made rich do not focus on only one income, they are not content with only one source of revenue so they should at least have three sets of income coming in.
  • Hang out and build relationships with other successful people. Your worth reflects the level of your friends. In most cases, we become like the people we are friends with.
  • Save to invest. one wat to get super-rich is to invest. Investing and saving is usually more important than how big your income is. Try investing at least 20% of your income every year.
  • Be good at doing uncomfortable things.  One way of life you need to do is going outside your comfort zone. most self-made millionaires had gone out of their comfort zone in order to gain more income. Doing things outside your usual things gives you discomfort.
  • Assign a time of the day where you will study to develop a new skill. Most wealthy people are dedicated to self-improvement. There are many ways to learn a new skill some are reading a book, taking some class or joining groups. When you overcome the discomfort from doing things outside your comfort zone that is when you develop your new skill.

Habits that self-made rich have.

For most people, our daily habits will dictate how successful we are going to be. There are a cause and effect that is related to habits. The cause of wealth, poverty, happiness, and sadness is habits.

  • Excercise. The majority of rich people exercise at least 20 mins per day. Cardio is not only good for the heart but it is also good for the brain. Exercise grows the brain cells in the brain.
  • Volunteer. Many rich people volunteer on charitable organizations and other groups. This is their way of expanding their networks and meeting new people to get acquainted with.
  • Make your own goals to achieve. Having your own dreams creates happiness which in turn gives you results of the high accumulation of wealth.
  • Finding and checking in with your mentors. Mentors not only bring positivity in your life, but they also help you in making decisions for you to know the thing you have to do and the things you don’t want to do.
  • Dedicate time on thinking. Giving some time of the day on thinking will help you clear your mind. You will be able to contemplate on the days’ success and failure so you can plan for the next day.