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Lara Spencer wakes up at 345am weekdays for her job as one of the Anchors of Good Morning America. So, on weekends, you’d think she’d cherish the time to sleep in–yet–on any given Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, you might catch a glimpse of her flea marketing with her little girl, trolling for treasures for interior design projects like the one she just completed for her pal, comedienne Kathy Griffin. Lara says it’s her mom’s fault (isn’t everything a mom’s fault?), but in this case, it’s a good thing.

When Spencer was young, the family budget was not nearly as rich as her mom’s interior design style, so she figured out (and taught Lara) how to create ravishing rooms using second-hand finds. Lara discovered early on that 50 dollars, a good eye and a little elbow grease go a long way at a yard sale!

The youngest of five children, Spencer attended Penn State University on an athletic scholarship for springboard and platform diving. She was captain of the Division One team her senior year and was also named an All American Athlete that same year.

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