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Jay Thomas, a native of New Orleans, is the son of a Texas oilman and a champion ballroom dancing southern belle. He is also a two time Emmy Award winning actor for his role as Jerry Gold on “Murphy Brown” and is equally well known around the world as Eddie Lebec from “Cheers.” He has starred in his own sitcoms, ABC’s “Married People” and CBS’, “Love and War.” Jay’s been featured in “Law and Order/SVU”, “Cold Case,” “Joan of Arcadia,” just to name a few, and has starred in numerous TV movies where he has portrayed everything from the commisioner of the NFL, a wheelchair bound cad, and even a hard driving English teacher killed by his own students.

On film, Jay has played opposite Richard Dreyfus in “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” Greg Kinnear in “A Smile Like Yours,” Christine Lahti in “American Daughter,” and Tim Allen in “Santa Claus Two and Three.” Jay is starring in the soon-to-be-released National Lampoon’s “Snatched,” and American Pie’s “Pool Boys.”

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