Month: September 2017


iQliving is a store that is very pretty to look at. A store where they’ll sell little kitchen knick-knacks and you think to yourself “Oh, that was clever. Why hasn’t anyone made that before?” then you realize the world can and will continue to turn if that Pot Clip Spoon Rest didn’t exist.Aside from the knick-knacks, […]

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Why Rich People Get Rich

Everybody hates the rich. Most of the hatred stems from jealousy because we see rich people as either being extremely lucky or they’ve possibly been dishonest. Think about all the common stereo types about rich people: stingy; mean; cruel; arrogant; show-offs. Imagine sitting at the traffic lights and a guy pulls up next to you in a red, shiny convertible that you are sure costs more than your house. What is your immediate impression of this guy? I bet a few of those words I mentioned would cross your mind. You must realise that it’s not your fault that...

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